Urinalysis Webinars

The goals of these webinars are to help participants increase their knowledge of current tools and technologies available for patient sample analysis, better understand the accepted methodologies and benchmarks for patient sample analysis and diagnosis, and to increase their competence in using analytical software applications.

Flow Cytometry

UN-2000: A Journey towards Automation

Manual urine microscopy creates many time-consuming challenges that include lengthy centrifugation of urines and performing prolonged analysis under the microscope. This session will explore the process of moving from manual microscopy to automated particle analysis. The speaker will share his hospital’s automation journey which promoted workflow efficiency in the laboratory.

Urinalysis and Automation: Routine Optimization and Sample Validation by Clinical Patterns

Automation in urinalysis is a topic that has been gaining ground in the laboratory medicine environment. More and more technological resources are being sought for routine optimization, especially when we talk about large clinical analysis laboratories. Automated Urinalysis Systems, such as Sysmex’s UN-3000 solution, provide analytical workflow improvement as they enable more efficient analysis of a large number of samples. This allows the professionals responsible for the analysis to devote most of their time to samples that actually have clinically relevant changes while those samples without alterations can be safely released within a short time.

Automated Urine Testing: Benefits and New Paradigms

The routine urine test is one of the most requested laboratory tests in medical practice, either for patients carrying a specific pathology or for a simple routine examination.

Urinalysis automation a new perspective for laboratory routine

Este webinar aborda a evolução da urinálise dos primeiros registros históricos ao mundo moderno, que exige cada vez mais dos hospitais e laboratórios para apresentar resultados clinicamente significativos.